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      Select the principle of rolling bearing steel

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      In the design and manufacture of rolling bearings, generally by the following principles to select the bearing material.

      One. According to the working conditions of bearing selection

      1. Operating Temperature

      Bearing work at room temperature, using chromium bearing steel. 150 ℃ higher than the operating temperature is below 250 ℃ chrome bearing steel, but through a special heat treatment (200 ℃ or 300 ℃ require tempering).

      2. Withstand shock loads of size

      Withstand strong impact load bearing, generally do not use chromium bearing steel, structural steel carburizing most high quality, impact resistant tool steel or quenched and tempered steel.

      3. Contact with the medium

      Bearing in corrosive media must be used in corrosion resistant steel or alloy steel has good corrosion resistance.

      Two. According to the structure type selection of bearings

      Bearing structure is more complex parts, such as when the outer ring with mounting flange, and withstand high impact loads, should adopt the good processing properties carburizing steel; stamping roller bearing outer race 08 and 10 can be low-carbon steel (good plasticity suitable for cold stamping); joint use of the swing mechanism or control mechanism bearings, can be used with excellent cold plastic deformation properties of GCr15, 9Cr18, 9Cr8Mo and alloy steel cold extrusion.

      Three. According bearing fatigue life and reliability required to select

      Bearing fatigue life and reliability, to a certain extent, depends on the purity of the steel and organizational uniformity. For general use the occasion, more use of acidic or basic open hearth furnace steel smelting plain bearings. With the continuous improvement of the smelting process, resulting in a current remelting, vacuum metallurgy, electron beam furnace smelting smelting and other new ways, by the way Tempered bearing bearing made of steel, its life is correspondingly improved. Suitable for fatigue life and reliability of the bearings have special requirements, such as railway vehicle axle box bearings, spindle bearings and aero engine bearings and other navigation systems.

      Moreover, the choice of steel should be taken into account processing performance steel supply and domestic supply of resources and so on.

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